My non-negotiables

two people balancing. One is just balancing on their hands with their body parallel to the ground. The other balances on top of them, also parallel to the ground but at a counterpoint.
I was given an exercise to complete recently – what, for me, was not up for discussion, not up for compromise? The result – my non-negotiables. Its great having them clearly defined and should make it easier to traverse the freelance world of commissioning and contracts.

For me, it’s all about balance.

The work that I do is about keeping a balance between responsibility and ambition; between my home, my work and the planet; between giving time and attention to family, friends, colleagues, stakeholders and commissioners and for me personally, its about keeping a balance between mind, body and spirit.

What I do must be in balance, and be purposeful, satisfying, and enjoyable.

There – not much to ask, is it?!

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