The importance of the day after

streamers and confetti on a white background.If you work in the arts sector, you might recognize that sense of exhaustion and completeness that comes with first nights, openings, publishing deadlines and the plenaries of conferences, seminars and events. It’s that sense that you have pulled it off; that you have delivered.

I was reminded the other day that this point, the point at which you’ve given it all, the point at which I’m often a wrung out, wet yet satisfied rag, is actually the start of the journey for others. And that means it also needs time and attention, energy and enthusiasm. The people starting off deserve it – or may need it to keep engaged and involved.

I often push so hard in the last run up to my final fence, that there’s not much left for this bit. And that’s within my control to change. I need to hold a little bit back, plan my time better and not get so exhausted in the delivery of events and activities that I can’t see the bigger scale and the longer timeline at play.

The delivery isn’t just the event, it’s managing the impact too.

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