Fuzzy visions

trees emerging from the mist

I’m on a train as I write this, early in the morning. There is mist on the ground, obscuring the horizon. The vision of a tree line emerging from the mist is arresting and reminds me of the importance of fuzzy visions.

Within talk of leading and influencing, the need for a clear vision is often stated. We love those charismatic leaders who can share their vision with us so completely that we are almost transported there.

But hang on a moment. Some people argue that if everything within that vision is tied down, if it is so crystal clear, then the people engaged with delivering the vision have nothing to make their own. How can they add their stamp to such a perfect world? How can they gain ownership?


They call instead for more fuzzy visions – sure we need a clear direction, and an idea of what’s ahead, but perhaps some of the detail can be determined on the way by those who are involved in the journey?

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