The art of the killer question

I’ve recently begun having some coaching sessions as part of the year. Both daunting and inspiring to go into a new professional relationship where I need to open up and look inwards. Luckily, my coach made it very easy for me, and sent me a ‘discovery form’ in advance so I could start to map out some of the areas of my work life we might wish to probe together.

Someone once described coaching to me as ‘the art of the killer question’ – how through skill and intuition a good coach can hone in on the very thing you really need to be asking yourself. Coaching isn’t just having a nice chat. It should make you examine things that make you uncomfortable. It’s the perfect space to not just work out what you really think, but consider exactly why you hold that opinion.

So I’m in a mulling mood at the moment and feel slightly like I’m unraveling a jumper. I’ve pulled on a few threads and they seem to be causing row upon row of my neatly knitted thoughts on who I am and what I do to become unpicked. I wonder what I’ll end up knitting myself back into?

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