Time, gentlemen, please…

The 365 knitting clock by artist Siren E Wilhelmsen

I am obsessed by time at the moment. Someone showed me a clock at the weekend – the 365 knitting clock by artist Siren E Wilhelmsen. Instead of showing you the time at the instant you look, it provides you with a different perspective of time.

Each day it runs for it knits a circle of knitting, using yarn from a spool above and producing a scarf two metres long at the end of the year. What’s the time? How much year is left on the spool? How long is the scarf? Rather than seeing time as something that is always disappearing, here it shows you time past as something that’s growing, being added to, day by day. Time as experience, time as process, time as something solid.

I’m always moaning about not having enough time. So what can I do today to give myself more time?

I could stop faffing on Facebook, neglect to take the dog for a walk, get my son to make up the fire, get my daughter to shove clothes in the washing machine, get someone else to take to scouts tonight (oh, I already have…). I could get up earlier, go to bed later, not watch rubbish on TV (but wouldn’t want to miss important films – caught ‘Four Lions’ last night – awesome).

Or I could change my priorities, stop trying to do too much, pick a time that is a ‘stop’ for the day and stick to it.

What did I do today? Stopped faffing, took the dog out and then made the christmas cake. I can do the report tomorrow. If I’ve time.

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