What are stories?

firespotter notebook

A great answer last week from Greg Povey speaking at Culture Hacks Northstories are perspectives to help us understand the world.

His eight minute talk really got me thinking about the need to change how people see things not change how things are seen. I particularly liked his suggestion that we use story instead of simply provide information. And that we should always aim to improve the experience – ‘don’t make it shit’. (Oh, we are good sometimes at adding so much – interpretation, information, contextualization – that we simply obscure what it is that we want someone to really look at – he reminded us to ‘keep the naked eye naked’).

He spoke about the opportunity we have to extract value from our everyday experiences too. The company he is working with runs Chromaroma – a ‘game’ you play based on your Oyster card and the journeys you make.

As he spoke, he referred to his notes, written in a Firespotting notebook. A notebook, yes, but one with a story. It’s a notebook designed for firespotters – for with the responsibility to watch across forests, the power to avert tragedy and disaster. Yes, it’s a notebook. But one where the notes can be vital. One in which the writer is a hero.

I want one.

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