What does a pirate wear in the winter time?

Skull and cross bones pirate flagSteve Jobs once said ‘It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy’.

I love that sense of freedom to play outside the rules but I also love the fact that pirates were also quite regulated in themselves. The Pirate Code was real (although possibly more straightforward than the one in Pirates of the Caribbean). I also love that pirates had the first kind of social security system in place – if you became injured, you’d be pensioned off to an island with plunder and rum, if you died in combat, your family would be looked after.

Bit odd then that we hardly see a pirate that isn’t disabled on-screen – its always one-legged this, and one-eyed that (Capital Jack Sparrow – mental health issues).

Oh and if you just want to know what a pirate wears in the winter time. Of course it’s a park-aaaaaaaah!

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