What to do and how to do it

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There are many definitions of leadership, at the moment I particularly like this one: Leadership = choice.

What’s it mean? It suggests that when we lead or influence we have a choice – a choice in what to do, and also a choice in how to do it.

We need to choose the best course of action – for our organisation, our cause, our particular focus. Not always the best course of action for ourselves, our careers or our bank balances. Being a good leader, or having clear influence, can be about making difficult decisions (for many leaders at the moment it appears to be continually about making difficult decisions). But this is only half of it. Having made our decisions, we then have a further choice – how we go about implementing these decisions, or even how we go about informing others of the decisions we have just made.

This again is a moment where our leadership and influence can be tested. The how is just as important as the what. How do we give bad news? How do we cleanly and clearly explain our rationale to others, without inflicting blame or recrimination? How do we ensure all are involved and equitable in relation to actions that now need to occur?

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