Admit you know nothing: Finding out about things I know nothing about

a hacked toy - some kind of bird toy with many eyes and a spiky jacketThe list of things I know very little about is huge.

Now this is great for me, because I seem to be in a ‘finding out’ phase at the moment.

So what do I know nothing about? Well, my top two a couple of months back would have been Live Art and Digital Art/Media.

So Live Art? Well, my finding out has led to two pieces I’ve written going up online within a week, I’ve been invited to a performance and an introductory workshop by a practitioner I’ve only met once and my family are off Toy Hacking at a local 24 hour Live Art event at the weekend.

And Digital Arts/Media? I’m currently at a week-long International development lab looking at play, pervasive media and the city and just found out a project I am involved with has got into The Space – the BBC/Arts Council’s experimental digital arts media service.

There’s links to all of those below, but this post is more about how it feels to be suddenly in spaces and places in which you know nothing, especially when your comfort zone is usually firmly in your field of expertise.

So what is it like? Scary – yes, but exhilarating also.

And my only tip – admit you know nothing. The generosity of people will amaze you. They love to explain, to communicate, to help you learn. They want to infect you with their passion.

The only downside? I think my head may explode. I usually have a huge range of things I want to do and explore, and now I think I have quadrupled my options!

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Links to stuff mentioned above if you are curious:


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Brian Lobel

Toy Hacking in Leeds

Watershed’s Playable City Sprint

Out of the Box in the Space – No link as yet – will upload one asap


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