Closing doors firmly: Sometimes opportunities can only emerge once you say no.

A photo of four doors all in a line.Decision-making is difficult. I find it hard to choose. I find it very hard to say no.

A very good friend of mine was talking the other day about a difficult decision she had to make. She wanted to turn down an amazing opportunity because no matter how amazing it was, it just wasn’t the right fit.

She was worried. Worried that nothing that amazing would ever come along again. Worried that people would assume she was unambitious for saying no. But it wasn’t right. It didn’t sit right, didn’t feel right. It had to be a no.

She reflected that the process leading up to the ‘no’ was hard. Saying it was surprisingly easy. The shift in her on saying it, remarkable.

And, as usually the way, saying no meant other things could happen.

Within a day or so an even more amazing opportunity was on the table. And this time it was the right fit. It was, in fact, the perfect fit. It felt right, sat right – was right.

But it wouldn’t have come along if she hadn’t have closed the door firmly on the first opportunity.

I want to be like my friend. I want to be that brave. I’m going to start closing more doors firmly.

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