Making choices, setting priorities – I know what I want (more or less)

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It’s not physically possible to do everything I want to do right now. There aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week. It just won’t fit.

Try hard as I might to set up my daily routine, I just can’t find another couple of hours in the morning. When I’m at home, I usually get up at six to walk the dog and sort my list of things to do for the day, so the idea of getting up at four doesn’t appeal. Equally, when I am not at home my routine is dictated by the space I am in, the work I am doing and the people who are around me. And I don’t want to cram in another couple of hours in the evening every night either – I’ve family too, who I want and need to spend time with. Basically, I can’t find more time.

Setting priorities

Yet I’ve got people I want to meet, books I want to read, events I want to attend, courses I want to sign on to, new things I want to find out about… If it’s not about time, its got to be about priorities.

So how best to prioritise? How best to work out which things on my ‘ohh I’d love to do that’ list are essential and which just desirable?

I quite like an idea I came across recently on Dan Goodwin’s CreativeCoach blog on making a ‘More or Less’ list.

It’s a simple idea, just listing on one side the things you want more of in your life, and on the other, the things you want less of. When faced with a whole stack of stuff I want to do, I’m checking which side of the list each thing brings with it – do I want more or less of it in my life?

So choices this week were whether to extend a five-day trip away by another day in order to catch a piece of theatre, which of the five books on my waiting pile to pick up next and how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Using my ‘More or Less’ list, I’m sticking to the five days rather than extending it to six (I want to be less tired), reading Origins of Genius (I want more inspiration) and letting the kids plan, buy and cook a meal on Tuesday (hopefully fulfilling both the previously mentioned desires and also giving us more whole family activities).

And it’s that simple. Do more of the stuff you want more of, less of that you want less of. And that’s it. More or less.

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