Alive at lunchtime: a strategy for managing my tendency to overwork

a delicious looking bento box lunch and a fruit saladI like work – and yes, possibly a bit too much.

Last week I had one of those days that was so tightly schedules that there just wasn’t time for anything that hadn’t made it onto the list. Literally. No time to eat, no time to read, definitely no time to Facebook.

It’s got to stop – so here is my new plan: Being Alive at Lunchtime. 

This requires:

1. A minimum of 30 minutes with no computer/iPad/phone or other email/textish device

2. A deliberate choice of food eaten with due attention and reverence

3. And a stop in the day.

It may also extend to real conversations with real people (not by phone but by arranging to meet people for lunch), cooking delicacies just for me (or for others of course!), or eating in suitable eateries (Eat would probably be ok, MacDonald’s is not).

It bans eating drive-through whilst driving, eating crisps whilst dog walking (as a lunch substitute not as a snack!), not eating lunch at all, eating whilst typing and any other versions of doing two things at once whilst pretending to have a break.

If you happen to be working with me at any time over the next few months, do check up on me, won’t you? Or better still – let’s do lunch.

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