Getting the ‘to do’ list done

toes - each nail painted in a different colour. One of the big toe nails has spots, the other stripesMy list of things to do is now running at five pages. Not good. And my week ahead is rather full already with only sleep-sized gaps available. Basically, I’m not sure where the extra time needed to complete all the tasks I want to complete is going to come from.

Why didn’t I do them at the weekend? Basically, I wanted a weekend. I wanted time to play ‘spa’s’ with my ten-year old (its great – the foot spa comes out, we have face masks, condition our hair and she’s very good at hand massages). I wanted to walk the dog in the sunshine. I wanted to have a lie in, eat my pub lunch and zone out with films on the telly.

But now it’s Monday and I’m staring at the list.

I can do this. I’ve this train journey. I can join the WiFi and knock off some of the items as I travel. I can maybe do one thing a night too, if I pick some of the small things. I’ve the journey back on Friday, I can use that and I can see which things on the list could hold fire until next week when I do have some time booked off for admin. I can work out which things belong to other people and are only temporarily on my list. I can pass on some things to other people

Most of all I can stop saying yes to having new things landing on my list. Sorry, I’m fully committed this week – try me again some other time? I can stop myself adding to it too (Jo – you are now fully committed. Stop adding stuff in).

But I’m not going to work through my lunch break (see last week’s post) and I’m not going to do any of them next weekend. It’s Mothering Sunday and I have another appointment at my daughter’s spa.

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One thought on “Getting the ‘to do’ list done

  1. Great post Jo. I love having lots to do but still setting boundaries for yourself. Too much we let work creep into all areas of life and we forget our balance. I wrote a post about work – world balance a while back you might be interested. As entrepreneurs we don’t have work – life balance as our work is our life but when we start to miss the world, then something needs changing.

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