If variety is the spice of life, why do we always do things in the same way?

a series of neon 'loops' on a black background. Although there are many different colours, they are all the same shape and size.I’ve just been on a presentation course. Yes, one of those where they film you, critique your every move, encourage others to give you feedback and leave you with a list of your good points and bad points (I found out I ‘eyebrow flash’ – this is a good thing apparently).

You got your video bits to take home, so I sat on the train and watched it all back. A one-minute presentation, then a five-minute one, a radio interview with ‘Jeremy Vine’ and discussing the papers in a ‘TV studio’. The thing I was most amazed by was how similar I appeared in all my sections – filmed over two days, in a variety of circumstances, I still seemed to be using the same movements, inflections,  – and (sad to say) even the same jokes.

For someone who believes heartily in the value of difference I didn’t seem to exploiting it much!

Do it differently

So, my new resolution is to try to do things more differently. More light and shade, more variety, more contrast, more changes in pace, tone, delivery.

Am off to do some presenting tomorrow – let’s see if I make it different.

(The course was at Ashridge Business School and I can heartily recommend it).

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