The importance of looking ahead (and of looking back too)

tracks in the snow showing the path an animal has takenI’m over half way through my Clore Fellowship – its six months since I began.

This came as a shock to me yesterday as in my head I’m still just at the beginning with loads of time still to learn new things and put stuff into practice.

My next thought? If I’m already half way through, shouldn’t I have done more, changed more, be further along my ‘journey’? Shouldn’t I be going faster, catching up?

When we are on our journey (and we are all on one, even if we don’t acknowledge it), we often think we are just starting out. We assume the road ahead is longer that the road behind. We think of all we have still to learn, still to do, rather than looking back at what we have done, what we know and what we have achieved.

I’ve just gone right back to the beginning of this blog stream and read every entry (no, don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you do the same!). I’ve looked at what I have done, what I have learnt, what I have reflected upon, what I have changed.

No wondered I’m knackered.

Doing this has given me a new sense of perspective on how I feel right now. Yes, I have so much more to find out about but I’m certainly not at the beginning. I’ve learnt an enormous amount in a short time – including plenty of information about me and how I operate.

So I’m half way through. I’m learning all the time.  And it’s not a race.

So instead of going faster and trying to catch up I’m going to do the opposite. Slow down and really look at the terrain I’m passing through.

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