Enough is enough: how to recognise the point when you’ve done enough

photo of a hammock with one hand emerging from itLike everyone else around me I’m often a slave to my to do list – and that feeling that I must get through everything on it, and do it all brilliantly, or the sky will fall in.

But this weekend I decided to take a different view. I had quite a few things I needed to clear, and also a load of family stuff I really wanted to do – and, if I’m completely honest, also a bit of rubbish telly I quite fancied watching. So I chunked up the time.

  • One third went on clearing the backlog – sorting train tickets, packing, answering emails and updating website.
  • One third went on family things – talking all the kids and my grandchild out for a lovely lunch and a bit of a shop, walking the dog, getting on top of the washing and a theatre event with my husband.
  • And the final third went on just resting up – reading in the hammock, having baths, watching The Voice and other tosh, deep conditioning my hair, painting my toenails and playing with my paints.

The key to being able to make this happen was recognising when enough was enough. How much did I need to do in all three areas to feel satisfied? I can’t do everything perfectly – I don’t always have the time – but I can do stuff well enough.

My tip for when you have loads to do is simply to be kind to yourself too. Yes its important to get everything done, but remember, enough is enough.

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