It’s all about the timing (well, timing and the cuckoo clock)

a bright red modern cuckoo clock with black hands, a white cuckoo and a black pendulum circle swinging beneath.My Clore year ends in July, and its now May. So it ends in less than two months.

In that time there is a startling amount to do – finish my placement, create a provocation paper, develop and deliver a group workshop on democracy and hierarchy, attend a conference on futureeverything, meet my mentor, see my coach, do this, do that – oh and fit in a two-week residency.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt ‘time’ so acutely. This is not a bad thing – watching the balance of time sway and shift from priority to priority is interesting.

So today, I want to share with you one of my mentor’s tips. She has me doing this and it’s created some interesting results.

It’s simply a visual technique for mapping your time. You choose a colour for each priority on your time –  so in my case Clore, work, family, spouse and me. Then take a calendar – something that allows you to see enough time in one go (I’m working on a month at a time). And then you colour in. Some days are all about one thing, some end up almost striped. Some months are pretty monochrome, others look more like Elmer the elephant.

The idea is to see the balance over the long-term – not to get too obsessed with the short-term. This year has meant a lot of time away for me, but I can see long term that with attention to time over the holidays I can address any deficit my family might have felt. My husband has perhaps been neglected, but there are two days fully mapped out in ‘his’ colour coming up this week as we celebrate his birthday, and we hope to go away, just the two of us, in October.

And me time? Oh that’s in there too – I’ve a five-day camp coming up (still a few spaces if anyone fancies a week in a field with some amazing people) and am halfway through a book that doesn’t include ‘leadership’ in the title. I’ve just celebrated my birthday – so lots of meals out and meets up. And a cuckoo clock. I got the most amazing cuckoo clock.

Its got a great ‘cuckoo’ – every hour, I stop to listen in. I am reminded how another hour has passed, and that there is another whole hour ahead. It makes me smile and that’s a great way to go into the next block of time.

So yes, time passes. Yes, there is a great deal to do, and an even greater deal to keep in balance. But I’m smiling about it, finding it energizing rather than energy-draining, and beginning to enthusiastically wonder ‘what’s next?’.

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