Top Tips for wellbeing when you don’t like tea

a cup of tea in a beautifully ornate cup and saucerI spent the day yesterday filming with the wonderful Bobby Baker for PUSH ME, the project I am working on for The Space – and caught her on camera talking about her top tip for wellbeing – a nice cup of tea.

I don’t drink tea so immediately got to thinking about my own top tips – what do I do, just for me, when things are getting hard or stressful and I just need to take that step back?

So here are my top five:

One: a hot bath with plenty of essential oils

Its taken me a while to work out that it’s the aroma of the bath that is important rather than bubbles or a milky tint. Just something that smells amazing and that transports me somewhere different for 15 minutes.

Two: a walk on the moors with the dog

Has to be the moors near my house for the full effect – its the bounding straight out of the door through a field and then onto the moor thing that works for me. Far less effective if I have to bundle everything in the car and hunt for the car keys.

Three: a scone with jam and clotted cream

This is the ultimate food pick me up – its luxurious and makes me feel looked after and spoilt. I do scone, jam, then cream but know others have their preferences.

Four: watching The Dark Crystal on dvd

The Dark Crystal is my favourite film and I don’t care who knows it. A magical, mystical tale set on another planet in the distant past, where a Gelfling embarks on a quest to find the missing shard of a magical crystal, and so restore order to his world… Watch it and you’ll see how it makes you immediately feel a sense that all can be made well. Oh and it has puppets in it, made by the marvellous Muppet people.

Five: getting down on the floor and playing

Sometimes there is nothing else for it. The computer goes off, the phone gets put on a table and I get off the sofa. Whether it’s a board game, cards, making stuff or generally rolling around, one of the best things about having kids (and now a grandchild too) is that you can take yourself completely out of your world by dropping into theirs. And they love it and think you are doing them a favour when really the benefit is all yours.

There you are – my five top tips. Be very interested in knowing what yours are!

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