Looking from all perspectives (much easier when you are chilled)

a sunset at a beach - the sky is blue and the horizon is leaking yellow then pink. Its calm and peaceful.

I’ve just got back from a few days away. Life had gone on in the meantime, as it does, and a number of things have emerged  – some chopping, changing and challenging.

And to many of these things I need to respond – and in some cases, quickly. I can notice a difference though in how I am responding.

Before I went away I was really tired – at that time I would have listened, thought and spoken from that place of weariness and exhaustion.

Now I am more rested – and I can listen, think and speak from a very different place. I can see more perspectives, take on board more information, consider different options. I can feel that it’s a better place to support, encourage and make decisions from.

And the learning for me? It’s the same old thing. I need to stop doing so much. I want to be in this place more because it’s a better place to work from. I think that means more holidays then!

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