When you don’t get what you expect but do get what you don’t expect

a sea anemoneIts being quite a week this week – lots of last-minute changes to plans, schedules and locations. Partly the unseasonable weather, partly the mounting pressures of this oh-so-olympic year. Partly just the way of the world.So how do I deal with change? With this not going quite as expected? Possibly not as well as I could.

I notice an instinctive pull inwards – like a sea anemone – everything shooting in. Yes it protects me but it also serves to make me less available to look at options and alternatives.

But if I notice it in time – as or even just after it happens – I can catch it and change it into something new. Does everything have to go to plan? What opens up because this other thing has changed or closed? How can I make the best of this new situation or plan or timescale or place.

And what helps me notice? Trying to be self-aware, trying to put myself in the place of others – and also having really good mates who step up and speak out too.

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