Reflections on the year (part three). Surely there can’t be more?

yellow water reflectedI think last time I got up to March – where more training was provided for us, some in London and some in the uberswish surroundings of Ashridge Business Centre where after a day of working on public speaking and personal effectiveness we were put through an exhausting simulation to see just how good we were under pressure. I still have my dvd of my ‘TV show’ moment and the audio from my radio interview.

Lets just say there is a huge difference between how I come over in media, and how I think I am coming over! Sometimes this is to the good – those huge pauses I thought I was leaving sound simply a breath – and other time less so. My deliberately chosen ‘media dress’ looks great when I’m standing up looking in a mirror, and like I am wearing a potato sack when sitting down in a TV studio with a wire down my knickers.

I got to explore my fascination with brand through a great breakfast session with the remarkably generous Julian Sykes, Brands Director of Hoffi – an ethical brand agency based in Cardiff, which really gave me food for thought, as did the Do Lectures which I camped at for possibly the wettest 5 days in Wales since weather began.

Whilst at Do, a slot became available, and I surprised myself with the depth of my passion to fill it, finding that not only did I have something to say, I was incredibly desperate to say it. I didn’t get picked (but did make it to the final few for consideration) but have now got a slot at TED X in Tallaght to deliver it – thanks to Jo Magan, a fellow Clore who passed on the contact to me and encouraged me to audition.

I’ve always loved presentations – learning about new ideas and also picking up tips on how best to get them over to people. Attending FutureEverything was an other key event for me for the depth and variety of its programme and speakers.

It’s also responsible for me taking up running at the age of 46. (It’s a long story but check out an app called Zombies, Run! It’s my favourite app ever for all kinds of reasons and well, well, well worth the money).

But it wasn’t all good news – I didn’t get through in the final round to get the ACHE funds to research something I was calling ‘On Point of Principle’. The idea was to research the implications of morality and ethics in relation to leadership in the cultural sector. Basically I wanted to examine how to lead in complex situations whilst maintaining personal integrity. I wanted to focus on the decision-making processes leaders undergo when faced with moral dilemmas caused by changing external contexts. How exactly do leaders make the choices they make at those moments?

I’ve not given up though – I’m going to spend sometime over the next few months thinking about where else I might be able to get support from in relation to the idea (so if you have any leads, please let me know!)

And I also have some good news about another research proposal, but more on that anon.

I’ve written these last few posts and scheduled them to appear over the time I am back with all my Clore colleagues at the final two-week residential in Kent. So as you are reading this, my journey and reflections continue and I get to hear more about the journeys of others and the learning they have had. So one final reflections summary instalment to come – and then we are back to business as usual. Well, whatever usual might be…

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