Tough choice: Good work, or work people like?

clouds - grey - light and dark - the sun is trying to break through dark clouds.I completed a piece of work recently which I felt was good work. Problem was, no-one liked it.

Actually, that’s not true. Some people liked it, but some people really didn’t. They didn’t like what it said, they didn’t like the implications, they didn’t feel it was real or relevant to them and their situation. 

It was hard for me. Had I got it wrong? Had I said it wrong? Could I have found words and means that got over what I was trying to say so much better than my current fumblings had?

I began to lose a bit of confidence in what I had produced. I must have missed something; not quite seen the bigger picture.

Then I had a final meeting about the piece of work which was drawing to a close. Yes, some people liked it and some really didn’t. But it was seen as valuable, seen as articulating something that was difficult to express. Whether you liked it or not, you had to now admit that something was now on the table in a way it hadn’t been before.

I’m still sure I could have said it better (we can always have said it better) but I am pleased with the work that I did. Glad I didn’t take a step back from it and try to make it something that pleased everyone equally. Lesson to self? Trust yourself and stand your ground.

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One thought on “Tough choice: Good work, or work people like?

  1. Jean Genet wrote “if you make a piece of work the critics dislike… go back to what they say about it.. look for exactly what it is they dislike… KEEP DOING THAT….. thats your true voice…”

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