Right what next? Planning in a vacuum.

a blank sheet with some areas darker than others - it looks like a map of uneven squares - cream to brown.So my year of reflection and learning has come to an end – well, almost. What next?

I don’t have a regular job as such so I’m not going back to something and then trying to work out what can I can create from within a specific role. Instead I’m thinking hard about what I actually want to do and why.

I thought I had it all figured out.

‘I want more impact’ I kept saying, meaning I wanted to make more of what I do already, maximising both the immediate effect of the work I am engaged with and also ensuring that, where relevant, it acts as a learning experience for others too.

But what I haven’t quite got to yet is what is the work I want to focus on itself? What do I want to have more impact?

Luckily I have time to find out. I am busy still with the commission for The Space I am working on and working at the Unlimited Festival at the Southbank in September for that and hosting some talks, both for Southbank and the British Council, and I have my final Clore learning trip in October (more on that soon, promise) and then…

And then, quite a big scary gap… or perhaps its more a blank sheet upon which to plan and dream and scheme. Or maybe not quite blank – I have a much clearer idea of what I don’t want to do – so maybe its a shaded sheet – with areas to explore and some of which are blocked off.

Now is the time to really think about what I want to achieve, deliver, be known for. Do I want to work on the projects of others or to create my own? Who do I admire and want to work alongside? Where can I be of best service? What are my priorities – whats the balance I seek in the work I do?

So as you can see, still more questions than answers.

One day, I might actually know what I think for a change, but it feels a long way off at the moment!

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