Words that make a happy freelancer sad, and a sad one happy.

a ring of black inside a fire that is raging outwards from this centre.I was sitting around the campfire the other day, the way you do, listening to stories and someone told the tale of a great king who sent out his advisor, as a punishment to find a ring which could make a happy man sad, and a sad man happy.

It’s a fable found in many traditions and tongues – Persian, Arabian, Hebrew, Turkish – and the ending is always the same – the ring is found. A simple ring engraved with the words ‘this too shall pass‘.

It resonates with me in so many ways – including in relation to finding, having and delivering work. Those times you have too much and you just have to put your head down and your shoulder to the grindstone – this too shall pass. The times there is little, and you are contacting contacts and scouring the internet – this too shall pass.

It’s not about escaping your responsibilities for finding, seeding, creating, converting work, absolutely not. That’s the lot of a freelancer. But, for me, it is about accepting that the ride is a bumpy one – and in that acceptance is the opportunity for preparation.

If the work you have is going well – revel in it, enjoy it, celebrate it, but remember – this too shall pass. If the work is hard, difficult and problematic – get through it, do the best you can – and remember, this too shall pass. Again, it’s not offering an excuse to do poor work, or to coast or to wish away good times and miss the present. It’s a chime to keep things in balance, to keep you aware, to keep you grounded.

Hold it with you today – see what happens. This too shall pass.

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2 thoughts on “Words that make a happy freelancer sad, and a sad one happy.

  1. Thanks Jo,
    It’s one of the greatest blessings that doing what I love can be an inspiration to others.
    Sage words too on the path of the freelancer – one I know tread too since the turning of the year.
    My deepest gratitude to you for being one of those special people who celebrates and rejoices in the creativity of others. xox

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