When the past catches up with you

orange and yellow balls of light, hazy and out of focus, on a brown backgroundI keep bumping into myself and it’s quite disturbing.

I’m down in London at the moment at Unlimited – a festival of work by deaf and disabled artists at the Southbank Centre. The work that is being celebrated is fantastic and I’m loving it – and around every corner, actually in every bar to be quite frank – there are artists, producers, activists and creatives that I’ve know at various points in my hazy past.

I still work in the sector now, I’m working on PUSH ME – a commission for The Space that’s promoting 12 of the artists who are down here – but the people I’m meeting I’ve known from further back – when I performed, when I wrote, when I ran a large organisation.

Frankly, I’d forgotten some of the things I’d done, been involved in and I’d forgotten how passionate I’d been about the politics behind the work.

There is a video running on a loop hidden at the back of the Southbank called ‘Moving from Within’. I’m in it, a snatched shot of me on a demo, pushing a pushchair – proud, angry and strong.

I look at myself there – and make a promise to myself. There is much now to be proud about, and I still work in a position of strength. But the world is still unjust, unfair and unequal. Perhaps even more so now. So maybe it’s time I got a little more angry.

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