At some point, the party always has to end

a photo of scones on a cake stand with a party in action behind themNothing can go on for ever. Endings bring a sense of sadness, often, but also summon up feelings of completion and satisfaction.  This week, the Clore 8 final graduation ceremony, and ensuing day of fun and frolics, did all and more. (Clore is a cultural leadership fellowship programme I undertook alongside 20 plus others in 2011/12)

We had absent friends, some of our colleagues from around the world and some closer to home. We toasted them and made regular pauses to reflect upon their wonderfulness.

In fact, I spent much of the day (and evening and into the next morning quite frankly – we do know how to party) thinking about how rarely I tell people, present or absent, just what an impact they have had on me. So this post is to, for and about the people I’ve met in the last year.

I end the year in many ways as I began it, in total awe of a specific group of people who have an energy, commitment, drive and passion in bucket loads. People who adore arts and culture, and see it as a vital component of our daily lives, of everyone’s daily life, as a way of expressing humanity in the world. And a tool for empowerment. And a way of driving the economy in the UK. And many more reasons beside.

These people have helped me learn: about the cultural sector and how it can function better, but also about myself and how I can function better, both in my work and frankly as a human being too. They have made me believed that even in these current times, we can have hope for the future of the cultural sector in the UK.

I simply want to say thank you. Its been a blast.

Clore 8, we are great.

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