Doing things differently in 2013

A photo of my bright red boots, taken as I looked down at themBig day for me today – I want to introduce you to a new project I’m going to be running through 2013. Its called ‘Do Different Daily‘.

From the first of January 2013, I’m going to do something different every day.

Each day there will be tweets about it, and each week a blog looking back at what I have done and crucially, what I have learnt by doing so.

As I say on the new website:

I keep saying to people how wonderful it is to test yourself, challenge yourself and generally doing different things all the time.

Difference is delicious, remember?

I expected to feel nervous, excited and a bit scared. I actually feel physically sick but also unbelievably committed. It’s a big thing to do but I want to stretch myself in 2013 – new places, new people, new experiences. I want to find out what I really enjoy, not just what I think I do. I want to push past some of the fears I have, to see what lies on the other side. I want to get out of routine and into a more mindful state of being. And I want to experience new things so that I can gain more perspectives on myself, others and the world at large.

I think I have my family on board. They have suggested things for me (and sometimes for them too) to try. These have ranged from the really interesting (go somewhere in Bradford you’ve never been before, eat Kobi beef and Fugu fish, travel on a new mode of transport) to the actually quite scary (such as fire walking), to the just plain bizarre (wear a sticky tape moustache and beard for a day).

I’d love your help and support.

You can sign up to the site to get the weekly blog (just click the ‘follow’ at the bottom right of the site), and follow the project on Twitter. Tell me what you think of the idea. Do you reckon I can carry it off all year? Be great to have your suggestions of what I can try out – tweet with the hashtag #DoDiffDaily or email them to me at

Why not join in? Maybe not every day, but why not make 2013 the year you stop just plodding along doing the same old same old and instead make it the year you try new things to find out what you might be missing?

So from the first of January I’ll post one blog a week from this site, and one a week from that site. Simples. All I have to do now is find 365 things I’ve not done before…

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2 thoughts on “Doing things differently in 2013

  1. This is such a great idea – hopefully your ‘a bit scared but doing it anyway’ pioneer spirit will rub off on those of us who will be following your project as armchair adventurers :)

    I have a couple of suggestions for you:
    1) hand-write your emails and post them (make phonecalls in reply to any emails that need a same day response).
    2) write with white ink on black paper for a day, preferably when you’re at a conference/spending the day in public. I’ll donate one of my white pens :)

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