Under the Covers: The Perils of (Literary) Stereotypes

Jo Verrent - in a green top - speaking animatedly.I’ve always thought stereotypes were dangerous things – they are shortcuts that miss out most of the delicious, divergent detail of life.

And the other week I got to tell loads of people what I think at TEDx Tallaght. They’ve just put the talks up online so that makes up most of today’s post – instead of reading, you can watch today!

(There are ‘automatic’ captions, but they’re not that great – speech recognition software isn’t quite where it needs to be, yet, so I’ll get a transcript link up here as soon as I can get it transcribed).

Enjoy – and do let me know what you think.

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5 thoughts on “Under the Covers: The Perils of (Literary) Stereotypes

  1. I wonder if you are aware of my book, “Unseen Childhoods: Disabiled Characters in 20th Century Books for Girls” (Bettany Press, [print 2009 and Kindle 2011])? I covered exactly what you are talking about here.

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