When worlds collide, just play in the bits that overlap

A drawing of a circle where the edges are blurred and a spiral grows out from the centreIt’s strange. Different areas of my life keep overlapping at the moment. Doing something different daily has led me to me to ‘stop’ before going on automatic pilot – and my Alexander Technique lessons also emphasis this need to pause. My ‘secret world’ of hippies, camping and dancing is moving into my work life through working on a dance commission. Difference, diversity and disability have always been work and home, and now they are spilling into even more of my social activities too.

That isn’t the strange thing however.

I’ve just found some notes I made a year or so back. It’s a list of things I wanted to achieve over the next few years and top of it is this:

‘I want to bring the different separate worlds I inhabit closer together; I want to play in the overlaps’.

And now it’s happening, but I haven’t consciously done anything to make it so, other than have that intension (and then, to be honest, forget about writing it).

So I appear to be getting what I wanted. So how does it feel?

It’s exposing – but in a good way.

I feel more vulnerable; there are fewer places to hide, but hiding is tiring anyway. I’m energized and excited – the distances between things are shorter so I feel I’m more aligned and wasting less time running from one thing to the next, instead I can kind of slide. Does that make sense?

I am playing in the overlaps, and playing with them too.

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