Here we go again: what to do when you are caught in a circle

a photo of the ends of rolled up paper, so it looks like a series of spirals placed one on top of another - in blue.I’m having circular thoughts and experiences at the moment – and finding it surprisingly helpful to re-read my own words to put them into context.

Recession-think pops up every now and again. That slight wave of nausea that comes when opening the newspapers or reading another tweet about arts cuts, redundancies and closures.  I re-read How to avoid recession-think: swim under waterfalls and within hours I’ve found three things to apply for that interest and stretch me way beyond anything I’ve dreamt of before and I also get a couple of emails: would I like to speak about commissioning and curating disabled artists for a couple of days in Ireland? Oh yes. Would I like to pop back to Hong Kong again and run a train the trainers course in the Autumn for ADA HK. OH YES.

One of the things I’m planning on applying for would see me make more work – specifically, more work of a direct political nature – still affected by whether or not I am an activist, see, and still remembering the anger of my youth.

When I was doing some re-reading, I also picked up some advice for a friend of mine. He is under pressure to apply for a specific job – but he doesn’t want to, it doesn’t feel right even in this difficult economic climate. He would be brilliant at it, but he could be so much more brilliant at a whole host of other things that he really wants to do. To him I say Close the door firmly.

Finally, it’s also half-term – although this one is very different from the last one. Not trying anything away from home, just working in the mornings whilst the kids sleep and at night once the zombie inducing TV is on. And oddly, getting loads done.

I must be if I can spend a morning re-reading old blog posts!

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