A is for activism: activism with a variety of typefonts

an abstract image in different 50's style - circles and colours, blue, mustard, red, yellow, pink...I was challenged this week for not being an activist. The idea of ‘difference being different’ was ridiculed:

“Jo Verrent said different is delicious. Excuse me? Vodka and tonic is delicious. Chocolate; oral sex; toothpaste. Different is sheer shit if you’re the one who’s not the same and is constantly reminded of the fact in no uncertain terms.”

They’re not wrong. I don’t disagree with them. But when I say ‘difference is delicious’ it’s part of the struggle to make things better; it’s not a way of accepting the status quo. Continue reading

Take off your glasses and really see what are you looking at

a cctv camera pointing at a wall. On the wall, someone has stencilled 'what are you looking at?'I am at the Fifth Social inclusion in the performing arts conference in Barcelona (but V Jornadas para la Inclusión y la educación en las artes escénicas sounds so much better #jornadasinclusion2013).

It’s a gift to be given the opportunity to speak about my thoughts and opinions on re-framing diversity through the arts – and when you have to present ideas for an audience who doesn’t necessarily understand your language (of course there was also translation), it helps you clarify what you mean, crystallise your thinking. Continue reading

Energy: the benefits of taking to your bed for arts sake

a completed energy map - a sheet, split into two across the middle - points of high energy are placed across the top, and low energy across the bottom. The idea is that you map your week - monday to sunday across the sheet.How much energy have you got today?

I remember when Sarah Pickthall and I set up Sync, a leadership development programme for disabled people in the cultural sector, one of the first things we asked people to do was to map their energy – when did people feel most able to deliver work, when were they exhausted; what fed them and charged them up and equally what drained them, made them less able to function fully. Continue reading