Slow, slow, quick, quick, slow: finding pleasure in a change of pace

a home painted green road sign saying stop slow down in white paintYesterday, Sarah Pickthall and I ran an event at Mozilla in London around disability, digital and all things interlinked. It was for a project called ShortCircuit and was fab – packed, inspirational, exciting – and exhausting. And it’s been a pretty flat out process in the lead up too – planning meetings, clarifying briefs, doing research, firing off emails, having skype calls, printing out stuff and then making emergency dashes for bluetac. Continue reading

Deep fun: How to find enjoyment in mundane or unpleasant activities

a shot of my hair blowing madly in the windI’m spending much of my time having fun at the moment

(Please note, I did say ‘much’ of my time, not all of my time. I still have to go to the dentist, have days with too much work, get stressed, shout at the kids and behave unpleasantly.)

But, for much of the time I seem to be having a ball. Continue reading

How to avoid recession-think: swim under waterfalls

amazing picture of huge waterfalls making a horseshoe shape and a stunning blue and red sunset above.It’s cold out there, and I don’t just mean the snow flurries and unseasonal low temperatures. For everyone working in the arts sector in the UK, it’s nippy. When its cold we often draw down on our reserves of fat but organisations have already tightened their belts, now many are facing extreme diets to meet the cuts out there, and threat of cuts still to come. And the weather doesn’t seem to be improving. Continue reading

Time to admit, I’m not good at waiting

a dandelion seed head - natures 'clock'

I’m waiting at the moment. Waiting to hear about an application, waiting for people to get back to my emails, waiting for someone to get back from a holiday so things can move on in a project…

I’m not good at waiting. I’m impatient, want everything now, want everyone to follow my timetable rather than me have to flex to theirs. Continue reading

Half term and trying to have it all

a photo of my messy lounge, a table full of clutter and flowers.Half term and the usual balancing act of home, kids and work is scaled up a notch, especially with the spectre of GCSE revision in the house.  I’ve resorted to a strange schedule of working from when I get up until when the kids get up, followed by a quick half-term activity, then back to snatched emails and computer work into the evenings, with plate-spinning attention paid to the kids throughout. Continue reading