Balancing the scales of privilege and responsibility

An old fashioned pair of weighing scales, one side up higher than the other.We don’t talk much in the UK about privilege. We talk about justice, access and equality; about diversity and difference. We discuss statistics and metrics, programmes and principles, but we don’t talk much about privilege.

So what is it?

Privilege is a way of framing issues surrounding social inequality, focusing as much on the advantages that one group accrues from society as on the disadvantages that another group experiences. Continue reading

Diversity or difference? I don’t care what you call it as long as its at the centre of what you do

Photo of a visual minute panel from the food for thought event - cartooning and writing of key words - food for thought, creative case, art...
‘We are finding it easier to talk about difference than diversity… hope that’s ok?’
 A response from one of the tables of talkers at the ‘Food For Thought‘ event I hosted yesterday in Yorkshire. Its a series of meal based discussions among arts organisations and museums in Yorkshire organised by an Ideas Group of 5 National Portfolio Organisations in the region and funded by ACE Yorkshire designed to get people really talking about how to put equality and diversity at the centre of their artistic practice.

And I mean really talking, not just quick off the cuff remarks such as Continue reading

People: Not as frightening as you might think

An outline of a gingerbread man/personI’m at the other end of the country this week, running a session on equality and diversity for the Clore Social Leadership Programme. When they sent me the list of attenders through, I nearly fell of my chair as I read – biog after biog of fantastic achievers – people who had started this, run that, gained the other and all of whom had already made immense differences to the lives of those around them.

Frankly, I was scared. Continue reading

Nearly at the end of the world, and I’m ready to let go

a photo of two hands, one holding on to a beam, the other has let go. Someone out of shot is hanging on by one hand.So tomorrow it’s the end of the world. Perhaps… but I’ve done my Christmas cards just in case we wake up Saturday and all is just as it was the night before.

I am taking the date seriously though, because it’s the winter solstice – the turning point from dark to light. Continue reading

Doing things differently in 2013

A photo of my bright red boots, taken as I looked down at themBig day for me today – I want to introduce you to a new project I’m going to be running through 2013. Its called ‘Do Different Daily‘.

From the first of January 2013, I’m going to do something different every day.

Each day there will be tweets about it, and each week a blog looking back at what I have done and crucially, what I have learnt by doing so. Continue reading