A is for activism: activism with a variety of typefonts

an abstract image in different 50's style - circles and colours, blue, mustard, red, yellow, pink...I was challenged this week for not being an activist. The idea of ‘difference being different’ was ridiculed:

“Jo Verrent said different is delicious. Excuse me? Vodka and tonic is delicious. Chocolate; oral sex; toothpaste. Different is sheer shit if you’re the one who’s not the same and is constantly reminded of the fact in no uncertain terms.”

They’re not wrong. I don’t disagree with them. But when I say ‘difference is delicious’ it’s part of the struggle to make things better; it’s not a way of accepting the status quo. Continue reading

Take off your glasses and really see what are you looking at

a cctv camera pointing at a wall. On the wall, someone has stencilled 'what are you looking at?'I am at the Fifth Social inclusion in the performing arts conference in Barcelona (but V Jornadas para la Inclusión y la educación en las artes escénicas sounds so much better #jornadasinclusion2013).

It’s a gift to be given the opportunity to speak about my thoughts and opinions on re-framing diversity through the arts – and when you have to present ideas for an audience who doesn’t necessarily understand your language (of course there was also translation), it helps you clarify what you mean, crystallise your thinking. Continue reading

Collaboration: just leave the egos out of the room

A close up shot down the shaft of an arrow to a target. The flights of the arrow are in focus, the target is blurred.Three things in a row have just proved the same thing to me – you take the ego out of the equation, and collaborations spring forwards in huge giant leaps, covering ground so fast it makes you breathless.

Can you suggest an idea, or concept or area of exploration and then be prepared to let go of where you thought it might be going in order to truly hear and respond to the suggested directions of others? Can you resist that golum-like temptation to keep hissing ‘mine‘ whilst wrapping your hands so tightly around an initial idea that it becomes strangled?  Continue reading