Trust in me…

stones balancing on each otherWhatever I do and however I do it, everything is about trust right now.

I looked after my granddaughter overnight – total trust from my daughter. I’m sowing seeds for a new project with someone I’ve not worked with before – building up trust I talked about trust with a close friend and colleague – we know we can depend on each other implicitly, why is it not the same with others? There are some people I like enormously but don’t feel I would work well with – why? I simply don’t trust them. Continue reading

Pushed live in The Space

Very short post today.

A screen grab of the Space with Jez Colborne showing, text says push me collection jez colborneThis week the PUSH ME project that I have been working on since early this year went live in The Space.

So much hard work, determination, blood, sweat and tears has gone into this project but I think the results are amazing.

So my ask of you is simple.

Take a look – and share the stories.

You can also find out more on our project website

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Top Tips for wellbeing when you don’t like tea

a cup of tea in a beautifully ornate cup and saucerI spent the day yesterday filming with the wonderful Bobby Baker for PUSH ME, the project I am working on for The Space – and caught her on camera talking about her top tip for wellbeing – a nice cup of tea.

I don’t drink tea so immediately got to thinking about my own top tips – what do I do, just for me, when things are getting hard or stressful and I just need to take that step back?

So here are my top five: Continue reading