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If you want to talk to me directly, then please email or text first to set up a time (I am hearing impaired and happy to talk on the phone if it’s a planned call. I need to make sure Radio Two is turned off, the kids, dog and chickens are safe and/or out of the way and I’ve got all her gadgets and gizmos turned on!) The good thing about this is that I usually end up paying for the call!

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Jo

    Derek Purnell gave me your details as we have formed an access committee at the museum we both work for and I need to investigate the possibility of disability training for our staff. I was hoping we could have a chat about this sometime soon.

    Kind regards
    Saida Khanom

    HR Manager
    0207 5639544

  2. Jo Verrent,

    Very pleasure! Leandra am Migotto Sure , a journalist with physical disabilities and consultant in Brazilian inclusion.

    Develop an art project about the sexuality of people with disabilities and have great interest in presenting it . Follow the attached file .

    I’ll be at the event in Brazil on December 10 in the city of São Paulo in the Third Festival of Human Rights in which you will speak at three o’clock in the Municipal Theatre .

    It will be a great pleasure to personally meet her this day.
    Today I seek support from international organizations to continue the project ! I hope you can help me. I appreciate your attention! Hugs, Leandra.

  3. Hi Jo,
    I have just sent you an Email now .
    I am a Trained Theatre Director here in Sydney. , Australia .
    I understand how busy you must be but can you pleas let me know when you receive Email ?

    Jo, I Hope we can make contact re what I discuss in Email ?

    Kind regards,
    Dan Gaham

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