Deep fun: How to find enjoyment in mundane or unpleasant activities

a shot of my hair blowing madly in the windI’m spending much of my time having fun at the moment

(Please note, I did say ‘much’ of my time, not all of my time. I still have to go to the dentist, have days with too much work, get stressed, shout at the kids and behave unpleasantly.)

But, for much of the time I seem to be having a ball. Continue reading

Balancing the scales of privilege and responsibility

An old fashioned pair of weighing scales, one side up higher than the other.We don’t talk much in the UK about privilege. We talk about justice, access and equality; about diversity and difference. We discuss statistics and metrics, programmes and principles, but we don’t talk much about privilege.

So what is it?

Privilege is a way of framing issues surrounding social inequality, focusing as much on the advantages that one group accrues from society as on the disadvantages that another group experiences. Continue reading

Will I fail to have a great career?

a child in green trousers walking on large white spheres (you only see the trousers and bare feet)I’m conflicted. I have it on good authority. My mentor said so.

I can’t decide whether I want to let myself go, to really stretch myself, push myself out there and touch the stars, or if I want to be ‘Mum’ – and only travel within a short distance of my family, making all school trips, treats and triumphs and baking buns into the bargain. Continue reading