Commenting on the impact of comments

a self portrait of me reflected in a window - so you see two of me.This week I was written about – or rather a piece went up on Disability Arts Online’s site based on an interview I did with trainee journalist Lynne E Blackwood. It’s odd seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.

I particularly liked seeing my passion come out – the reasons why I do what I do.

“The world is not a fair place. The world’s never been a fair place. But I think it’s getting crueller and more unfair Continue reading

Getting it from the horses mouth, and using it: six tips for dealing with feedback

green cells seen under the microscopeEver felt under the microscope? In the last month I’ve had a critique from my Open University tutor, comments on an academic paper submission, feedback on presentation style and media skills, my 360 degree feedback from Ashridge (comments from 18 people I have worked for or worked with) and I’m working with two new sets of people, all of whom tell me straight. Its been feedback month for sure, and plenty more to come.


Such input is a popular subject – two of my Clore fellows were mulling on it for the Guardian blog site last week – so here are my six top tips.

1. Welcome it

Knowing what people think is always good – it gives you a wider view of the world and how people see you in it. It doesn’t mean you’ll always like what you hear, but you can choose to be grateful for hearing it. Say thanks. Continue reading