10 steps to creating accessible and inclusive events – real and online

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Now there is a word I’m not comfortable with. Surely if you are running and event, especially if you are also providing online access too,  you want to ensure you include as many people as possible?

I’ve had a lot of conversations this week about access and events, and rather than moan on, I thought I’d pull together my ten top tips to making sure access and inclusion stay at the top of the agenda. Oh and don’t make the mistake of thinking this is all about disability access – oh no. Everyone needs to be made to feel welcome and included.
Here we go then, ten top tips:

1. Build access in to the design

If you try to bolt on access at the end, it shows. It’s clunky, doesn’t quite fit and can cost you a fortune. Much better to build access and inclusion in to events from the very start. Ask the questions, get advice, research the options, make the decisions, and plan it all into your timeline. Cheaper, easier and a more streamlined finish. Continue reading