Doing, being, writing and tweeting (and having a cold)

burning logs in a fire pitMy head is about to explode. Literally.

I am stuffed with new insight and perspectives (having attended the Do Lectures), The Space has gone live and with it a new website for PUSH ME, the commission I am working on that is part of it, I’ve just chaired a discussion on an international dance collaboration and seen a piece that simply redefined dance, and I also have a cold.

This is therefore short – and pushing you to a whole heap of other stuff.

  •  For summaries of the Do Lectures – check out my tweets #do2012 #dolectures
  • For PUSH ME, check out the website and follow us on Twitter @pushmespace #pushmeplease or find us on Facebook

I also learnt about titling pieces. I had a piece published in the Huffington Post based on an interview I did with Dick Penny about Watershed and The Space. It was simply called ‘Pushing Watershed’s Dick Penny into the Space’.

The URL when tweeted became ‘…joverrent/pushing watersheds dick…’

Somehow I think many of those who click through may be disappointed… I know I like to start a few fires, but this really wasn’t intended.

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