Five things I’ve learnt about myself from sitting in an office

small stone circle in the heart of Harden MoorI’m not usually a very ‘office-y’ person. I’m self employed so tend to fit admin in when I’m on the move – utilizing the lovely ‘train-office’ thanks to the plugs and wi-fi on EastCoast – or when I’m at home – the equally pleasant ‘sofa-office’ complete with dog at my feet and occasional child wandering into my Skype calls.

But for the last couple of weeks I’ve spent more time in an office than I’ve done for the past twenty years – at a proper desk, with a window (Thames view) and a height adjustable swivel chair. Why? I’m on my Clore placement and sitting at a desk is part of the package. And whilst I’m there finding out all about a completely different way organisation, I find that I’m also learning heaps about myself Continue reading