How to avoid recession-think: swim under waterfalls

amazing picture of huge waterfalls making a horseshoe shape and a stunning blue and red sunset above.It’s cold out there, and I don’t just mean the snow flurries and unseasonal low temperatures. For everyone working in the arts sector in the UK, it’s nippy. When its cold we often draw down on our reserves of fat but organisations have already tightened their belts, now many are facing extreme diets to meet the cuts out there, and threat of cuts still to come. And the weather doesn’t seem to be improving. Continue reading

Breaking through the red tape of both democracy and hierarchy

a photo of Hong Kong skyscrapers stretching back and back and backWe were sitting around a table, taking about art and politics chewing bones when I heard the following complaint: ‘Oh democracy! It’s so slow, what with all the talking about every decision.’

Everything in Hong Kong moves fast, new buildings sprout overnight – don’t think that the enormous development in West Kowloon with its minimum of 11 new buildings is the only one occurring. Continue reading

Looking up and outwards: Reflecting on the final push

Mount Etna at dawn - the mount is against a blue and yellow sky with the sun just rising - smoke is gently rising from the mount.I’ve really tested the ways in which I can work this year – been away for weeks at a time (well, two weeks at one time!), worked flat out day and night on a single project, multi-tasked  four or five projects like a juggler on a unicycle. And now I am at home for three days in a row to rest, reflect and refocus before diving back in for the final push up into the end of July.  Continue reading