Strategy, strategy, strategy – success is not an accident

a model of the west kowloon site.Last week I went to West Kowloon in Hong Kong. In ten years time this will be one of the largest cultural quarters on the planet, if all goes to plan. At the moment it’s a building site for underground infrastructure – trains, parking, utilities.

I met some of those working on its development – and left excited about its potential for getting stuff right from the start. Rarely is there the chance to create so much from scratch, without having to undo a history of discrimination, barriers and rigidity. Everyone must want to get involved here, I thought. Continue reading

Breaking through the red tape of both democracy and hierarchy

a photo of Hong Kong skyscrapers stretching back and back and backWe were sitting around a table, taking about art and politics chewing bones when I heard the following complaint: ‘Oh democracy! It’s so slow, what with all the talking about every decision.’

Everything in Hong Kong moves fast, new buildings sprout overnight – don’t think that the enormous development in West Kowloon with its minimum of 11 new buildings is the only one occurring. Continue reading