Food for Thought

doing not just thinking The creative case for diversity - plus cartoons of people and the words diversity, creative case and artA different kind of post today – the visual evaluation of a project I worked on earlier in the year.

It’s from Food for Thought – a series of curated meals to discuss diversity and the arts, specifically the Creative Case, Arts Council England’s innovative approach placing difference at the centre, rather than at the edge. See what you think and let me know.

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Diversity or difference? I don’t care what you call it as long as its at the centre of what you do

Photo of a visual minute panel from the food for thought event - cartooning and writing of key words - food for thought, creative case, art...
‘We are finding it easier to talk about difference than diversity… hope that’s ok?’
 A response from one of the tables of talkers at the ‘Food For Thought‘ event I hosted yesterday in Yorkshire. Its a series of meal based discussions among arts organisations and museums in Yorkshire organised by an Ideas Group of 5 National Portfolio Organisations in the region and funded by ACE Yorkshire designed to get people really talking about how to put equality and diversity at the centre of their artistic practice.

And I mean really talking, not just quick off the cuff remarks such as Continue reading