What I do

A photo of Jo Verrent

Photo by Geoff Wilson

Hello, I’m Jo Verrent.

I don’t have a nice neat job title and I don’t have a particularly succinct ‘elevator’ pitch. I do loads of things (and I like it that way).

I often work as a diversity trainer, consultant and project manager in the cultural sector – you can check out my old work website at www.adainc.org or take a look at my highlights on the ‘Purpose’ page here, or just google me if you like.

a close of me talking - head and shoulders shot.I also do a host of creative projects myself – check out the ‘Creative’ page for more info on those.

All my work seems to be about seeking to reframe the perception of diversity. Not because its ‘a good thing’ or because there is a law which says people should pay attention to it, but because I think diversity and equality are the key to transforming the way the cultural sector works.
I think placing equality and diversity at the centre of arts organisations, venues, programmes, policies and art means that more people can become involved in work which is simply more dynamic, effective and life enhancing.

me running a workshop in Hong Kong talking to people at a table with flipcharts up in the backgroundThese photos are from a recent trip to Hong Kong, working with staff from the West Kowloon Cultural Development Agency – what will be the largest arts and cultural project in Hong Kong, ADAHK (a Hong Kong based arts and disability organisation) and CCCD (a Hong Kong based community arts organisation) working to embed quality, diversity and difference within their working practices. Photo credits British Council and Moon 9 Image – thanks.)

Previously I have run Sync – a leadership development programme focusing on the interface between disability and leadership – www.syncleadership.co.uk and its sister programme in the south-east designed to develop the skills and capacity of both individuals and organisations – www.syncsoutheast.co.uk

me in front of an audience in Hong Kong - people are applaudingLast year, my working pattern shifted slightly as I undertook a Clore Fellowship. This site started from the ripples from that fellowship – what I learn and how it impacted on me. Now its just part of my presence in cyberspace.

(And thanks to Julien Haler for the photo of the macaroons!)